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Our Mission & Our Vision

Our mission is to raise awareness about sexual abuse and educate the public about this silent killer.   Becoming an advocate to help educate and empower victims of abuse.  I truly believe that this is a worthwhile cause that deserves our help and attention.   Young Survivor's Foundation represents more than just fighting for a good cause,  it offers Terrae a chance to make a difference in the lives of many victims in need.  I want our organization to play a role in healing their pain, and providing courage to the survivors who have reached out for help.   


Young Survivor's Foundation is committed to helping victims to heal, to take back their mind, body, and spirit to help with their healing process.   Our initiative is to address the the effects of trauma and build out coping mechanisms by helping victims become survivors by sharing her story that they are "Young Survivors" and that there is a light shining through this dark tunnel. 

Our long-term goal is to build an Outreach Center in NJ that will provide victims with individual and group counseling, music, art and play therapy.   These programs will integrate healing methods and activities to address how to deal with the levels of trauma, guilt, fear and helplessness.  Our programs will work with professionals,  such as therapists, lawyers, and social workers.    We also are working on creating a YSF Scholarship Fund.  

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